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    Super delivery delay of my Iphone 5S


      I recontracted via Globe Chat last 07 DEC. I received an email recapping all the terms and conditions plus my acceptance of them.  The recontracting request no is 52340521. I was told that phone will be at the Ayala Tower 1 Globe Biz Center on 13 DEC. I followed up and I was told handset was not yet delivered. I was suggested to go to the store to check directly since the Globe Chat personnel assisting me could not tell me why the delay and when the re-scheduled delivery would be.


      When I arrived at the Ayala Tower store I was told that unit was still not delivered and I was suppose to wait for a call from them.


      On 16 DEC, I followed up with Globe Chat. Still no update. I was told that they have no info regarding why the delay or when it will be delivered. Same replies from 17-19 DEC. There was also intermittent replies of "system is down" and "please visit the Globe Store to check".


      I went for a visit again today and still phone has not been delivered and I was also told that no deliveries of Iphones have been made since the start of the week. Based on my inquiry regarding supply and your inventory, the agents would always reply stocks are available. So I am assuming that its the delivery part of the equation that is the problem. But I don't see the logic why your agents can not call the warehouse to check when the orders will be delivered? Was the warehouse closed for the holidays since 13 DEC?


      I am an operations person as well as a frontliner. I know how it feels to be on both sides. How could you in all "good customer service" practice, give an answer of "I don't know when it will be delivered or why your order has been delayed" when the source of either is with you or the people you outsource to.


      It is also very confusing when Globe Chat tells you to visit the store and the store tells you that you are suppose to wait for their call. If a spare unit is an option, then I don't think its much of a stretch to look for one for your clients. Specially when the delays come from your end.


      I have been a customer since 1999. I have my land line, broadband and mobile line with you. I don't think its fair to be treated this way. I have tried to be patient and to give you as much leeway as I can because of the holiday season but this really is just not right.


      I hope that someone will be able to assist and just give me the info that I need if not the phone unit itself exactly as I asked for (32G Iphone 5S in gold) delivered to the Ayala Tower 1 Biz Center, hopefully by sheer miracle, before Christmas day.


      Thank you for giving us this space to report because talking to your Customer Service Agents can be very trying specially when you are replied to with robotic, templated replies.


      Any assistance that you can extend will be very much appreciated.





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          More cause for stress ....


          I followed up today my iphone 5s via Globe chat, and still no update per the attending Globe personnel. When I started getting upset and demanded another person to write to or call, the chat was disconnected. I will be honest and say that at the back of my mind, the disconnection is deliberate.


          And if you have been following up via Globe Chat, you know how often you need to try before you can actually get a hold of anyone.


          I did not bother to try anymore, its not worth the aggravation of talking to a robot.