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    Qualified for free phone?


      Hi! I've been a postpaid subscriber for more than 10 years and ever since, I haven't received any rebate from Globe.. I just would like to ask if I can avail a rebate/free phone?

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          Hi @chay  Welcome to Globe Community!


          Just call their retention hotline (02)730-1300 or using your mobile phone dial 211.

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            Hi chay!


            We are proactively offering rebates and handset availments for postpaid subscribers once he or she finishes his/her contract. Be advise that the loyalty offer may only come as rebate or handset/gadget availment. What are you waiting for call us at (02)730-1300 for available offers!



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              You are qualified if your outside the contract and free handset will be based on the main plan of your account.


              Handset base price/availability/offer may change without prior notice. 


              Call 02-730 1300 - (choose loyalty option)  open from 8 am to 10 pm.




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                HI CHAY,


                nakakahinayang nmn na ka 10 yrs kna sa globe then d ka man lang naka paga avail ng mga LOYALTY HANDSET OR REBATES..



                tsk tsk sana naka 5 pcs kna ng mga handset... 


                sayng well.. kung gusto mo na tlgang mag avail.



                just dial 02-730-1300 just press 112

                open cla 8am-10 pm .. 


                dapat wla kng PAST DUE  sa account and also kung my BROADBAND . etc.

                DAPAT CLEARED LAHAT..