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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Delayed Delivery!


      We've inquired to a Samsung Galaxy S4 Php1799 plan and avail the plan on December 12, 2013.

      It was scheduled to be delivered on December 17, 2013. On the previous day (December 16, 2013) before the delivery, we called to assure that the unit will be delivered and the agent confirmed it.

      December 17, 2013 - The delivery didn't arrived! Called the hotline and said to wait for a feedback. None received..

      The following day (December 18,2013), we followed up for the unit and the agent said it was reported and wait for a feedback. On our surprise, the delivery still didn't arrived.

      The next day, (December 19, 2013) again we called to the hotline for a follow up and said that the unit will be picked up and not deliver it anymore, hoping to hasten the process regardless of the hassle it will bring. Still no feedback received.

      And now, (December 20, 2013) Ive called the hotline THRICE expecting that the unit will be received today because of an urgent need! We are supposed to go out today but delayed because of the unprofessional service. On the first call, I INSIST that I will receive the unit today because the delay is unacceptable. Next call, to follow up the request, the agent said she sent another report. The third one  still request for a follow up and, on my dismay, tell how disappointed I am to  the service. Until now, no feedback received.

      Any suggestions?

      When will I receive the unit? The service already caused us to delay a trip.

      For the Community Manager, please do heed our request and make a follow up.  Sorry, because the unit is badly needed. Thank you so much!!