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      Hi, I just got the 2499 super plan with iPhone5s bundle. I know i got some PV available. Can I subscribe surf999 for this month? Will this be on top of my plan or deducted to my remaining PVs?
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          Hi gothamblack!


          Congratulations on you new account!


          If your remaining peso value is >999, you can avail the surf999 as a plan 'combo'.  By doing, this will avoid the subscription to be billed on top of your 2499 plan. If your PV is <999 however, you may text MYSUPERSURF ON to 8888 or dial *143# to register the subscription as booster that will be bill on top of your MSF.


          Logon to your account or contact us to request for change of plan combos. 


          Note: Change of combo rquest on the Best Ever MySuper Plan will be facilitated and will take effect on the start of your billing cycle, that is the day after your cut-off date.



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            Thanks a lot!