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    paper less billing - not so accurate


      hi, i am a registered paperless subscriber since november2012 and i am happy when i got the news via email that they have that option ( no need to keep envelops hehehe) at first,  i 've been curious about it so, i explore every options, boxes that i want to fill in, for i want some informations of my account for 2 days.  but it seems, it was not yet so established so i told myself that maybe, they were still polishing it for improvements. and now, as i checked on my apaperless account, i was trying to see and view my transactions ( my billing and the amount that i paid monthly).... but i didn't see any.  but i am happy that i don't have any balance huh!( but for real, i have, as i recall)...hahahaha anyway, just to inform. that the online billing is not so accurate as of this moment.       and