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    Indication of progress in postpaid application

      Hello. I applied for an iphon5c at plan 1799. I've been receiving calls and text from Globe csr for the past days. The last call I received las saturday. Csr verified some info about me and asked for a reference on my billing address. This is the second call from a csr verifying on the same info because 3 days ago, a csr called for the same reason. And just like the other complainants, I was also informed about the duration of the processing of applications. So I expected that on the third day, i'd be able to get the result/status of my application, whether approved or rejected. Everyday, I'm expecting a mail, a text message, or a call from Globe informing me about this. Will somebody from globe inform me what are the indications that my application is being processed or my application is being reviewed or is there really a progress on it? Thanks a lot.

      PS. I think people will understand if you will give the "actual" duration of the application process. It's okay if you tell them that it will take you a month or so. But please, refrain from giving people false hopes. Thanks!