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    Tattoo Mobile Wifi Battery


      I just bought a Tattoo SuperStick Mobile Wifi and i'm having trouble with the battery. It seems that the battery of the device do not charge. I already tried to charge it for about 5 hours straight but still when i try to open the device, it only shows the red battery indicator. When i tried  to use it while it was connected to the computer, it  won't open and will  just continue to charge its battery. How long  should the battery be charged in order to use it? Please help me with this issue. Thank you.

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          Supposedly the initial charging is just 3-4 hours. After that you can use the device. My best advise to you sir is to have the device check at the globe business centers. If it is still w/in 7 days, they can replace that with a new device.. :smileyhappy:

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            hi, i just purchased globe's new mobile wifi last friday. however,yesterday Tuesday, i asked to be replaced  the unit that was first given to me because the battery is defective. so globe did replace it with a new unit. i've used the replacement  unit out of the box for about 3 hours to test it out. i then connected it to a laptop to charge. however, the battery icon on the tattoo page on the laptop kept flashing red, instead of the usual status icon when the battery is charging. i tried disconnecting the unit from the laptop for a few seconds and then reconnected it. once reconnected, the status icon on the tattoo page on the laptop changed from blinking red to a steady (not moving) 50% battery icon. but the battery icon on the pocket wifi kept flashing green, meaning its charging. so i decided to leave it to charge for 2 hours. but after 2 hrs when i unplugged it from the laptop, the unit got very hot and the battery icon went red, meaning its empty  and did not charge at all the whole time it was plugged in.


            has anyone experienced the same thing? what must i do?