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    Re-contracting Offer


      Good day!


      Ask ko lang po sana kung paano ba talaga ung process ng recontracting. What I mean is, kung ano bang perks ung talagang pwedeng ma-take advantage ng customer if na-pursue? ang problem kasi namin, tumawag kami sa hotline ( the usual, hindi synchronized at callibrated ang information na ibinibigay) at in fairness to them, parang kami ung salita ng salita. Anyways, here are the options na ibinigay sa amin since gusto namin ng bagong unit.

      Option A:

      Get a Bill rebate (P475 off) + pay the full price of the phone


      Option B:

      Pay the monthly bill + pay the corresponding amount for the phone. Kunyare ang monthly bill eh 1799 + cashout na 19200 for the Galaxy note 3. (Take note: ung pinaka rebate daw eh discounted price ng phone)


      Well, upon contemplating on the scenario, di talaga win-win situation. Kung kukuhain namin ung option B eh parang kumuha na kami ng bagong line, pinadali lang ung process. In short, wala kaming nakuhang rebate, ano pa't naging loyal customer kuno. This gets me confused.. I hope you guys can help me decide or even share your thoughts regarding this one. Thank you so much! :smileyvery-happy:

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          A brief explanastion on recontracting:


          After being done with your contract, you have 2 choices:

          1. Discontinue with your subscription;

          2. Continue with your subscription.


          If you choose Option 2, you have 2 choices:

          1. Continue without any benefits:

          2. Continue with Benefits.


          If you choose Option 2, you have 2 choices:

          1. Get a free phone corresponding to your plan (some with corresponding cash outs) but will lock you to a cetain period of time (usually 24 months);

          2. Get a Bill Rebate without a lock in period but would be good for a certain period of time (usually 24 months).


          If you choose Option 1 then yes, it is actually just getting a new plan but retaining your old number and without the need of submiting documents. The cost of the phone is usually the same as the price outside but the benefit is that the cost of the phone is actually spread out over a period of time just like an installment plan.


          If you choose Option 2 then the bill rebate would be good for a period of time (usually 24 months) but you could opt out anytime specially if there is a better offer in the future. I usually recommend this option as you can use the savings (in bill rebates) to buy a phone of your choice outside of Globe. From the financial point of view, it is more practical to have bill rebates as it is constant over the period unlike getting a phone which if we factor in depreciation, would come out a lot less than the value of the bill rebates. Over 24 months, one would be lucky to get even 50% of the value of the phone.


          I hope I was able to explain the mechanics of recontracting well enough. Merry Christmas!