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    Availing of iPhone 5s 64GB with US debit card?


      I want to apply for a iPhone 5s 64GB (Gold) smartphone under the Plan 999, it says on Globe's offers online that it will require a one-time cash out of Php 28,800. 


      I've been reading through here though and I can see that you could pay for the one-time cash out under installments? 


      Would it be possible to do this even if I am using a US Bank of America Visa debit card?

      P28,800 divided by 24 months = P1,1200


      So that I will just have to pay P2199 per month (P999 + P1,200) 


      I'm also planning on using the debit card to pay for my monthly service fee one month in advance (to make up the lack of proof of income, since all my POI is from the US) 


      Just wanted to ask before heading to a Globe store tomorrow afternoon to get things cleared up

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          Hi JustinReyes!


          Yes, we are offering handset payment terms on installment up to 24 months with 0% interest on plan availers. But at this time, your bank is currently not supported as payment terms on handset cashout.


          And since you mentioned that you do not have a Proof of Financial Capacity to supply, you can still apply for a postpaid line by paying 6 months in advance upfront. So that would be; [(MRF x 6mos) + 1 mos advance].


          Goodluck in your application!