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    Application/Approval Process


      applied through 211 hotline number last December 3..the customer service agent was very persuasive for me to apply over the phone he even said that the process and delivery is within one week...i have always sending them the required documents very quick since i know it may cause the delay...they told me they email me the Auto Charge form but for 3 or 4 days already wala pa din...so i kept on calling the hotline asking for the ATC charge form...finally December 16 i got a call from Globe informing me tha delivery date was dec. 19 which was my bday and i dont expect to be at home the so i rescheduled it to Dec. 20...i waited the whole day and even told our guard that to expect a delivery for me but NOTHING arrived...not a single call from them to inform me that the delivery was delayed/cancelled...i called Dec 26 in the morning to request for an update since i cant apply sa Center while having an existing application over at  211..up to today Dec 26  still no response from my numerous calls/complains for GLOBE TELECOM.... INEFFICIENCY. and poor customer support  is really gettin to my nerves