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    Additional line for new subscriber

      I got a new line last december 19. I want to get an additional line. I went to shangrila gbc to apply. Before going there I read the forums here if it os possible. Some says after 6 mos pa. Some says pwede naman. Insist to talk to the supervisor if not allowed.

      I was told by the staff na need nga 6 months. Then i talked to the supervisor as well. No luck. No alternative daw but to wait for 4 to 6 months. Policy daw ng globe yun to wait for 6 mos kc titingnan pa yung paying behaviour...

      So ano po ba talaga? Ano ba need sabihin sa supervisor ng gbc para makaapply for 2nd line. I think I am earning enough naman for the 2 lines. :smileysad: