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    Can i ask for a 64k sim replacement for my 128k postpaid sim?


      Hello mods and fellow globe subscribers, I have received and iphone5 and and iphone5c as a christmas present. However, they were locked from different providers (Softbank JP and NTT Docomo). I bought interposer sim so i can use my current post paid nano sims with them.


      The problem is, 3G/LTE/4G does not work if you use a 128k sim and i'm only getting EDGE network from them. We've tried using regular prepaid sim card and cut them into nano sim and it was working! 


      Now, can i have my 128k sim replaced by a regular sim and transfer my number and the current plan, bundle and freebies into a non 128k sim card?


      It should not be impossible since when the Iphone 3GS came out, it was using a regular sized sim card and it was using 3G back then (not sure if it was a 64k sim that came with the 3GS postpaid from globe before).


      I hope someone could shed me a light on this. Thank you guys and have a happy new year!