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    iphone 5c

      hello globe community when your using iPhone 5c's 3G or LTE network, is it normal that the back of the device heats up? tnx
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          I think that is the problem with iphones actually not only for iphone but for the other brand as well, same with my iphone 5s, when I use the data service just for 1 - 2 hours it really consumes battery and heats up but I think thats normal, I also refer that from my friend working in apple service center and they said, its usually happened specially when you connect to the internet, same with the other phones  when you used data more than 2 hours, sometimes within an hour it heats up, same with  my samsung and alcatel phones. 

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            Hi Bluefox202,


            I found some information in apple communities. Here's the link: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5054954.


            Hope that helps!



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              i think its normal to experience this if naka connect ang data. if you can check your phone and disable for a while yung data connection and see if it heats up again even if data is off then your phone has a problem.


              and as far as i know LTE/3G signal or if you experience intermittent connection magiinit talaga ang phone mo kasi maghahanap sya lagi ng signal.