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    No Loyalty Rewards for Best Ever 499 Plan?




      I'm a postpaid subscriber of Globe since 2000 and recently upgraded one of my accounts from Plan 299 (with a monthly Rewards Rebate of P117) to Best Ever Plan 499 (with P900 peso value).


      When I asked the hotline yesterday if I am entitled to a Rewards Rebate for the Best Ever 499 Plan, I was told that since I am already getting a peso value worth P900,  there will be no more Rebates.  If that is the case, then there's no differentiation if a new subscriber or an old subscriber gets the Best Ever Plan as the old subscriber does not get rewarded for loyalty?  When asked, the customer service representative answerd: "Yes, there's no advantage for the old subscriber."


      Appreciate if someone clarifies or confirms what I was told about this.



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          Im so sorry for that, the sad fact is if you change your plan to best ever my superplan you can no longer avail of the bill rebates for now (I still dont have any conclusion how long will it takes when will they offer bill rebates again to the new plan ), regarding on what the agent tell you I cannot clarify it that is the right answer why bill rebate is not available  but you can avail of a new handset. 

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            hello glmartinez


            The bill rebates is not applicable for the Best ever my superplan. It is only applicable to old plans like All new my superplan, so if that is the case if you are migrating your plan to best ever my superplan the only thing that you can avail for recontracting or loyalty is a new handset :smileyhappy:




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              Unfortunately Bill rebate will not be offered as a form of Recontracting for Ultima plan holders. 


              It may only be offered for subscribers under the Legacy plans. 


              If it happens that you will avail of a new handset under same account, handset that will be offered to you (for free) will depend on the plan that you have. Handset being offered for new line and recontracting is just the same (cash out/Handset base price).


              Availability of stocks, prices and cash out may change witho out prior notice. Please make sure to settle all overdue balance under your name upon Loyalty availment since its one of the requirement..


              For better assistance call Retention hotline 02 730 1300 (select option for recontracting)  (open from 8 am to 10pm) .






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                  I agree with @whateverLoser . For Best Ever My Super Plan, Bill rebates arenot offered however you can recontract with the latest gadgets..




                  Happy New Year !

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                      Contrary to what others think including the people from the hotline and several people from Globe, some people from the Globe Business Centers are able to make recontracting subscribers who have shifted to the "Best Ever plan" have bill rebates as long long as the migration was either lateral (same cost as old plan) or an upgrade (higher cost than old plan).


                      The path might be longer than an instant rebate as there are 2 steps involved and would take at least 2 billing cycles in the limited "upgraded" system and the reason why many do not want to accomodate this.

                      1. Avail of bill rebate (from the old plan)

                      2. shift to same cost or upgraded "Best Ever"


                      If you already migrated to Best Ever then you may have to go back to your old plan in your next billing cycle and thus complete the process in 3 billing cycles as each step would entail 1 billing cycle unless they have corrected this already.


                      Disclaimer: this may be a loophole which may have changed very recently but it had been done several times before and the latest one I know was about 3 weeks ago.