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    Wrong outstanding balance


      Hello and good day.

      I have a concern about my plan. I've availed a plan P1,799 and MYSUPERTXTALl plan. What's wrong is our Globe Store rep allocated a wrong txt plan.  Instead of mysupertxtall plan, I've been given a unli call and txt to globe plan which isP599/month. I've clearly stated to our globe store rep that what I want is unli txt to all network plan and after 1 month, I'm shocked to see that I've been charged P1000+ for txt to other networks.

      Now my question is, will our Globe store accept this as their error since I've clearly told them to register me to an unlitxt to all network plan, not the unli call and txt plan to Globe.

      Thank you and Happy New Year.

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          Hi shagojyo,


          What GTBC store branch processed your request? You may call the hotline for assistance but your concern will be forwarded to the store. Posssible scenarios will be:

          >> your charge for your text to other networks will be waive

          >> change booster from superunli to supertextall


          **you may visit the store as well for immediate resolution.


          :womanhappy: Happy New Year!!

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            Hi shagojyo

            Kindly call 211 for assistance , and align your subscription to mysupertextall then after that you will ask an assistance also to the csr to create a case regarding for that matter and coordinate this concern to the store. dont forget to get the reference number for future follow up.