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    iPhone 4s not charging

      Hello guys! i just wanna know if I can bring my iPhone4s to any Globe Business Center if I want to have it fixed? I bought my iPhone4s at Globe last April 2011, but yesterday it won't turn on. I try to charge it but it has been a couple of hours it still shows the battery icon and red color that indicates it's still has low battery level. I've tried using other chargers but still doesn't work. Again my question is can I still bring it to Globe even if it's no longer under warranty?
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          You could bring it to Globe but just be informed that since Globe does not repair Iphones and instead sends them elsewhere to have it serviced, it may take some time before you even hear of any progress not discounting the fact that you may be charged for the repair of an unwarrantied unit which may not be practical.


          There are many iphone "specialists" on the second floor of the Theater Mall in Greenhills who could diagnose and fix the problem a lot faster and cheaper... just haggle for a good price. you may even ask the folks from either Philmug and tipidCp for other recommendations and reputable "specialists".