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    Fast application for postpaid plan

      Hi! I want to give a feedback of globe's hassle free and fast walk in application for postpaid plan!:smileyhappy:

      So last Dec.30 we went to a globe center at harbor point subic to apply for iphone5s plan999. Lucky me, my dad has his credit card. My dad was asked to fill up an application form and to provide 2valid ids and credit card. Since it was a holiday that day, processing of application and releasing of gadgets is on hold. Yesterday, received a text from globe that the application was approved and that i can claim my 5s unit. But since my dad had to go to work, we came to get the unit this morning of jan.2. Lucky us again, we came so early that the mall has just opened and so we're the first customers of globe :smileyhappy:) and then after an hour of discussions and clarifications, VOILA! I got my 5s! Everything is complete including the contract and the receipt! AND my postpaid sim had been activated in just less than 10mins while the staff is setting the gprs of my phone.
      but not so lucky me, my preferred color of iphone5s is out of stock and it kinda breaks my heart </3 instead of having a gold phone or my second preferred space grey, i only got is its classic silver. I dont have a choice. BUT


      I suggest to those who are planning to apply for globe postpaid that walk-in applications are faster especially if you have a credit card no need to submit proof of billing/income requirements just 2 valid ids and your credit card!

      Again, Thank you so much globe!:smileyhappy: