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    Best Ever MySuperPlan Upgrade/Downgrade


      currently i'm on Best ever mysuperplan 499 with galaxy s duos.. I'm planning on upgrading to Best ever mysuperplan 999 .. Now i need to know if it is possible to revert back to 499 from 999?..


      I've asked globe via chat they said it is possible. I just want to be sure.

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          Yes it would be possible @franzkk56  but the only question is if it would be subjected to termination fee.


          Perhaps Globe should issue an official statment on this as under the terms and conditions of the "Best Ever" plan, one may upgrade but (F). ...During the Holding Period, the Subscriber shall NOT TERMINATE, DOWNGRADE, ASSIGN OR TRANSFER any right or obligation of, his/her Best-ever MY SUPER PLAN Subscription. Otherwise, Subscriber shall pay the Pre-termination Fee and Php 550 Administration Fee."

          Going deeper and trying to understand the principles and mechanics of the Plan and its termination, we could already deduce that Globe's only concern is the COST OF THE UNIT which in reality is NOT FREE or seldom discounted. In fact, the "Best Ever" plans actually allocates a PV or Peso Value to those devices spread out during the minimum period...


          In other words, as long as your plan can sustain the Peso Value of the unit then you should be fine. This would actually be consistent on how they compute termination fee which is just the amount remaining that you have to pay in the period that was not used (plus admin fee of P550 which may or may not apply depending on the agent you talk to... yes it happens). 


          Any thoughts Globe?


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            hi FRANZKK.. 


                   if you were going to upgrade your plan is it possible so you PV or CONSUMABLE is amounting to 1700.00 ..



            but if you change your mind to downgrade or to back to your old pplan in BESMP 499 its not possible.


            its not like the old plan na pwede kang bumalik sa old na plan mo. 


            for BEST EVER kac nag iba na kac yung policy so if ever na mag uupgrade stick kna jan.. after ma end na ung contract...



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                @franzkk56  was already answered by Globechat that it is possible to upgrade then downgrade once again as long as it would be the original plan he had before provided that he pay the Admin fee of P550 from the upgraded plan to the downgrade. This would not entail any termination fee.


                As suspected, Globe's only concern is that the cost of the phone be paid through the continuation of a plan which would be equal or greater than that of the original plan applied for or through the termination cost.

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                as long as your outside your lock up period there should be no problem when dowgrading the plan if your willing to pay 550 as admis fee.. if within lock up you have to pay 550 + pre term fee so basically it is posible its just that there are payments involve.. but for the upgrade you may request for it but the effect will be after the cut off date (as well as the downgrade it will take effect after the cut of date)..

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                  To confirm better call the hotline 211 or 027301000
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                      Based on my experience, even the hotline is inconsistent and there have been things that they have said that could not be done but was accomplished on the level of the business center.


                      At this point it is best to get a transcript of the Globe Chat  which says that the changes are possible without the termination fee charge... It is the best documented proof that you have AT THIS POINT because in the terms and conditions of the 'Best Ever" Plan :


                      E. GLOBE reserves the right to add, delete or modify any or all of the offerings under the Best-ever MY SUPER PLAN

                      With this escape clause, they can actually do anything in the future.


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                      Thats a good idea na bumisita ka na lang sa Globe Store, pero  normally kasi pag nagpaUpgrade ka ng plan and still within contract the moment na pinababaan mo yung plan mo malaki yung risk na mag incur ka ng Preterm charges (Downgrade) , very hassle yung tatawag ka para magpa request ng adjustment if in case.


                      Tip lang po, pag nagrequest ka ng any changes sa BEST EVER PLAN mag t-take effect lang ito after your CUT OFF DATE, so better magrequest ka ng changes on your Cut off date at least 1 day lang ang pagitan.




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                        even if pumunta ka sa globe store there are times na patatawagin ka pa rin nila sa hotline so if i were you sa hotline ka na lang tumawag anyways you mga suggestion nman here mostly is  based on expirience like me :smileywink:

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                          Presuming that you already did the upgrading of Plan from P499 to P999, You acknowledged the contract that you need to keep the account for a certain period*.

                          Downgrading/terminating the account within contact will be subjected to applicable pre-termination and Handset based price.


                          In your case sir since you would like to downgrade to P499 that would still breach your current contract.