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    Gcash AMEX - Declined in Amazon


      I placed orders in amazon using the GCASH AMEX service last Dec.31. (I'm done with the KYC process).


      3 of the items which I ordered were successfully processed in amazon and in gcash while the remaining items were declined in amazon BUT were deducted on my gcash wallet. It's a bummer since the first 3 items are just worth 400 pesos while the declined items are worth 1.7K. My GCASH funds are sufficient, I placed 2.5K in my GCASH wallet before the amazon transactions.


      I have reached a dead end, I tried calling 2882 and 739-2882 only to be answered by a machine and it has no option to talk to a CSR. I went to a Globe Business Center only to be referred to the GCASH hotline, 2882. I asked the globe personnel to dial it for me and he wasn't successful, we only got machine answer. I tried calling the globe hotline 211 and all the CSRs that I have talked to cannot help me with my concern since gcash is out of their scope, they just referred me to the hotline.


      Is there anyone from globe who can assist me with my concern?