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    Plan Application Approval Processing, etc.


      Hello, good day to everyone!

      So we just applied for a plan and was able to give all the necessary documents and requirements last Saturday, we were told the standard 3-5 days wait for approval, sadly hehe-- I was hoping for an immediate approval. Also are weekends included in the "3-5 days" duration? 


      Anyway, I was wondering if I can go to the GBC we applied to and check on a daily basis if the application has been approved or not. I assume it is within my right as a most probable plan holder to constantly check on my plan. I plan to do this as to avoid experiencing delays as many of the subscribers have been experiencing based on what I've read here in the community.


      Also, the phone I'm getting- a Galaxy Note 3 is out of stock according the the Globe rep who we talked to and processed or plan application. She said that Globe stores everywhere in the country were out of stock of the said phone due to the holiday season but they have already placed orders and was told that we would have a reservation once the plan was approved.

      Question: According to the community's experience, how long does it usually for Globe to restock its supply of phones to its vast number of GBC all over the country?1 week?2 weeks?or more? Hoping that it arrives soon as I'm afraid I will be able to spend the cashout I have due to expenses and possible emergencies that may arise. Also, I really the phone as my current phone is dying on me and I can barely use it.


      Cheers! :smileyvery-happy:


      EDIT: added an additional question on top.

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          UPDATE: Plan has been approved but since the phone that I want-Galaxy Note 3 is still not available, the wait continues.



          Sana po may magreply na from those who are far more  experienced in the community and I hope even sir @GlennO  or anyone really.


          I tried my best to inquire about it, sabi po kasi ng Globe rep sa GBC dito sa Cagayan de Oro, last December pa out of stock ang Note 3, in fact out of stock daw sa kahit saang Globe in most GBC's around the country. Nagrequest na raw sila pero wala pa daw advisory from Globe HQ, I guess, on when the Note 3 and maybe even some phones will be restocked. I also discovered that at the specific GBC I applied for the plan, 3 na kami na naghihintay ng restock ng Note 3, yung isa, last December pa nag-apply.


          Gaano po ba katagal usually nakakarestock ang Globe? Pakiramdam ko pa, lesser yung priorities ng mga GBC branches outside NCR but maybe that is just me.


          Kailangan ko lang kasi talaga sa school tsaka for my other responsibilities outside sa school na kailangan makipag-communicate and such. Most of my contacts are Globe, it really would be easier for me to use another network but then my contacts will not have the ability to respond to me dahil nga ibang network.


          I'm doing my best to follow-up as much as I can because I need the plan and phone ASAP. 


          sana talaga may magreply na dito.hehe