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    phone stolen, new sim given but old sim was not deactivated. globe refuses to help catching the perp


      Guys,  legal question lang. My phone was stolen and i reported it to globe and got a new sim with the same number ( because it was under load tipid plan) a day after I was supposed to receive my load i called globe and they told me that there was a P250 share-a-load transaction using my number they even provided the number it was shared to (load was shared to no. 09278160833 i asked a few days before and they always say that the prepaid number). This obviously meant that the old (stolen) sim was not deactivated and globe simply gave me a cloned sim of my old one. and now I'm asking globe to help me get info on the sim no it was shared to ( the magnanakaw) like date of activation and name of owner based on previous conversations with globe CS because i'd like to get my phone back. Now, globe  refuses to help me even though they already have a clear breach of privacy by providing me with a cloned sim of my old card and not deactivating my old sim and they are now even turning a blind eye to helping catch a thief. This is should be considered proof that globe can provide cloned sims if they want to and that any sim cloned cannot be apprehended.