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    account of statement


      how can i view my statement of account

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          are you enrolled to paperless billing?


          1. You should have a PDF viewer installed in your PC or mobile devices.


          2. I tried to download my e-bill, but I was told I need a password. What is the password?

          After enrollment to Paperless Billing, you will receive an email together with the bill containing the instruction of what password to use so you can view your bills. The E-bill password is your last name followed by the last 4 digit of your Globe Mobile Number.


          3. I haven't received my e-bill via email; what can be the cause of this? Try checking your email for the following:


          • Your Inbox must not be full or your mailbox should not be undeliverable
          • Email address should be valid
          • Add [email protected] to your address book so your email will not be treated as spam
          • Disable your email's auto-junk settings

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            Uno: Register ka muna sa site ni binigay ni pareng @notevenfollowed 

            Dos: Enrol your account

            Tres: View your Bills


            Hindi lang yun ang benefits pag may online account ka, anytime pwede ka rin magudate ng postpaid account infos mo.