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    International CES 2014 - Day 2


      CES 2014 – Day 2


      Tech giants continue to showcase 4K resolution screens and projectors but CES is not just about that. Here are some of the innovative new products that were introduced during Day Two.


      Ford SYNC + Domino’s Pizza App


      Convenience is king. You can now order your favorite pizza (whether for pick up or delivery) while driving through Ford SYNC and Domino’s Pizza app’s integration. No worries, though, as ordering while driving is safe as the system is hands-free. Check it out via this link.


      *This feature is only available in the US… for now.


      Domino Ford.png



      Panono Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera


      Capture that great scenery with Panono’s throw-able panoramic ball camera. This ball is fitted with 36 camera modules all in 108 megapixels (the first camera to exceed the 100 megapixel mark). Get a 360-degree shot with just a throw. See it in action here.


      Panono Ball Camera.jpg



      EnerPlex’s Solar-Powered Battery for Smartphones


      Power banks are selling like hotcakes today given the limited battery life of our smartphones. But with EnerPlex’s solar-powered battery cases, demand for power banks might slow down a bit. With this accessory, you don't need to plug anything to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy as the case will automatically charge it up. Get it here.






      Yellow Jacket for iPhone


      Your iPhone can now be used to defend yourself. With Yellow Jacket you can tase thieves and pickpockets in close quarters. Available for $99 on yellowjacketcase.com.





      For more cool and innovative new products, visit cesweb.org.