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    wrong billing statement

      Ask ko lng ngavail ako ng s4 plan 999 for 30 months then ngbayad ako ng payment 1 month advance and cash out n 10k..nsettle ko n ung bill ko for the first month pero bkt ngaapear sa bill ko n hnd ko pa nbbyaran ung ccashout and 1 month advance?my tumawag p skn n isettle ko n daw..ilang beses ko n tnwag ung concern ko pero alang ngyari..bka kc icut ung line ko.
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          Saan ka po nag avail ng unit? sa hotline po ba or sa sales ? may copy ka po ba ng receipt ? tawag ka po sa hotline para mavalidate yung bill mo. 

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              The first billing is always the problem as cashier and the billing and collection departments take some time to reconcile their records to the detriment of the subscriber which despite of Globe's supposed system enhancement was poorly or was nnot even addressed.


              @miufille  rightly suggests that through the hotline, insist that you have already paid by giving your receipt number, when and where payment was made and be sure to get a reference number in case your line is cut (more often not) and dispute could be elevated to the proper channels.


              In the same way that Globe has not or minimally addressed this concern, I strongly suggest that Globe include a letter accompanying the first bill an explanation on the following:


              1. That advance payments and cashouts may not have been included yet pending on reconcilation of accounts (how long does Globe really reconcile figures?);


              2. An explanation on the MRF specfically on the inclusion of the prorated charges (a common question and a source of irritation if not explained well based on the posts in this community);


              3. An assurance that lines would not be suspended due to Globe's inefficiency in dealing with its reconcilation which has been happening for quite sometime now (my latest subscription of June 2012 was also affected and was only reconciled after 4 billing cycles).




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              Sa hotline ako ngavail ng plan..isa ko png problema hnd ko n mkta ung OR pndeliver ko ung fone sa ofis namin..tska hnd naman ibbgay sakn ung fone kung hnd ako ngbayad ng cash out and advance payment.
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                Payment posting is two (2) working days across all channels. Kung hindi pa  napost ung payment mo, then call the hotline and magrequest ka na magraise sila ng case for Unposted payment. Kakailanganin mo din isend sa kanila ung copy ng receipt ng binayarang mong cashout and ung payment mo para sa first bill for faster processing.