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    Globe Reward


      How can i Register to 4438 can you please give me a sample. And how can i redeem JOLLIBEE GC 500?? THANKS IN ADVANCE:smileyhappy :

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          You dont need to register. Just know your points and items that are available.

          If you want to check your incurred points, just text BAL send to 4438

          If you want to know those redeemable items , just text ITEMS send to 4438

          You will receive a reply for the items available and it contains information/keywords/syntax on how your going to redeem certain item

          1.00 per transaction if your a Prepaid user , but for Postpaid thats free of charge.



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            Hi mickekefi,


            For a list of available items for redemptions, just simply send ITEMS to 4438. I tried to check on my phone on how to redeem a 500 GC for Jolibee. Here's the procedure, REDEEM JOLLIBEE and send it to 4438 - you should have 657 points to redeem this item.





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              You may also use it to purchase stuff at partner stores at peso value