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    Aztech DSL5001EN and Linksys Router


      My old GLobe Prolink modem was replaced with Aztech DSL5001EN.

      The Prolink modem worked well with my Linksys router. I just had the technician disable the wireless and WPS of the Aztech modem router so that I can connect my Linksys router instead.


      But now, the connection is using my Linksys router is not working. I was only able to setup the port forwarding in teh Aztech modem. I need some assistance on how to configure the Aztech modem to connect to the router.

      I used to setup a DMZ setting in the Prolink router but I cannot find that in the Aztech modem. Called Technical Support but didn't get any useful info.


       PS: I have static ip 


      Any feedback would be appreciated.