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    incoming international calls charged?


      Good day! Im a new postpaid subscriber.. for PLan 299 nokia asha 501. I was totally shocked from my 2nd bill.. I never thought you will charged incoming international calls., if i knew i wouldnt  answer any calls and make globe sim useless, why on earth do you charged that? my caller get charged for calling me and i as well? 

      I avail International Roaming in Hongkng for 5 days.. you charged me for that.. when i moved to Dubai I havnt got a chance to avail international roaming thinking im not using any outgoing calls, only texting. 


      my bills get high because of international incoming calls,  I choose you affordable 299 plan coz I can afford it. but charging me way to high that i could barely buy a new ipod mini.  


      If I only knew i would not use postpaid, and used wifi free calls and text through fb,skype and other apps. 


      I was really shocked the way you charged your costumers. very tricky!