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    Globe Recontracting Unit for GALAXY NOTE 3

      Hello Globe Community! I would like to share my experience the process and thr delivery of my NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3:

      JANUARY 11, 2014- I called the TALKtoGLOBE hotline at around 1500h and did the VERY LONG process of recontracting and chit-chat with the CSR. In estimation, a quarter less than an hour. The moment we finished the process, the recontracting form was sent to me in my personal e-mail. I was informed by the CSR that my desired unit will be delivered on JANUARY 14, 2014.

      JANUARY 14, 2014- I woke up early because of excitement. I had my breakfast and waited patiently. Then I had my lunch. Slept a bit and at exactle 1434H, my SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 was waiting for me at our doorstep.

      Maybe you are expecting that I would tell everybody that my delivery was delayed. But IN ALL FAIRNESS TO GLOBE TELECOM, I got my unit and I must say I am a satisfied customer. It just takes some patience and understanding. Thanks to KUYA MARK MALUBAG (the guy from XDE) because he delivered me the unit in pristine condition. I even offered him a glass of juice because he told me that there are still several units to be delivered.

      TO GLOBE AND XDE, THANK YOU! I AM REALLY HAPPY AND SATISFIED WITH THE PROMPT PROCESS.. Though I must admit, there are a lot of negative feedbacks which made me doubt a bit. :smileyhappy: This is to shed some hope to Globe recontracting customers. I just hope the Telecom Giant I am dealing with will extend and put in more effort to other EXISTING Globe subscribers in giving the services which we pay for..

      KUDOS TO GLOBE AND XDE! :smileyhappy: