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    stealing of load

      I have just experience this week that my load is stolen from globe without notice. 1st was i loaded my sim with reg.30 then txted it and have a call and checked my balance for 22.50 then the following day it became 13.50 whice i dint know why. Then yesterday wednesday i only have .50 load which i really really dint used for txting or call on that day. Then i got a tx of my friend ofcourse i need to reply but how can i reply without load or only .50 load zzzzzz. Then i loaded again my sim with reg.10 and txted once only once. It became 8.50 so 1.50 per tx seriously globe? So its all good to me i dint care as long as i still have 8.50 then this morning i checked my phone i now only have 3.50. I dint even used my load na! Seriously globe? Help me and help your company? Zzzzz