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    i can't call *143#


      i was sent a Nokia lumia 710 from the United States locked to T-Mobile.
      i had it unlocked and now using a Globe microsim with it and it works (text, voice calls, calling 211 for assistance, balance inquiry via globe sim applications - these services all work with no issues).


      however everytime i attempt to call *143#, it always ends up with "session terminated."
      i also tried the "globe promos" under the globe sim applications, after choosing a particular promo to register , it always ends up with "you are not using the latest WIB card!"


      is there any other way i can register to these promos?
      i've tried logging in and registering to globe accounts, subscribed to a promo, but it seems it doesn't work.  after chossing a promo online, it's been an hour, still no promo registered.