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    Account Alignment and Sim Card Activation


      I'd like to share my horrible experience with Globe. Hope someone from Globe would get to read this.


      I am a postpaid subscriber since February 2012. I availed the BlackBerry promo that time which comes with a free BlackBerry Curve 8520 for only P599 a month.


      Last April 2013, I opt to recontract and upgrade my plan to UnliSurf Combo for BlackBerry 999 to avail the Curve 9320.


      The service was okay.


      Last Monday (January 6, 2014). My spare phone was snatched with my globe postpaid sim in it. I called the hotline to temporarily disconnect my plan and so they did.


      Come Tuesday (January 7, 2014), I went to Megamall Business Center to have my SIM replaced. I was instructed by the customer representative to do my after sales transactions at the landline in the store.


      The hotline agent was getting the new sim serial etc. Then she told me that the activation of the new sim card wouldn't push through because two base plans refeclted in my account. In dismay, I went to talk to the counter representative to raise my concern.


      The counter representative, Ninia, checked my account and confirmed that two base plans were reflected. So she tried to change my base plan to Unlisurf 999 to see if the sim activation pushed through. Unfortunately, it did not. So she contacted someone, I don't know who (she went inside) to troubleshoot what to do with my case.


      When she came back, she told me that my account needs to be aligned first before my new sim card will be activated. She escalated the concern and offered that she would be the one monitoring the progress, gave me a spare sim card (as to have back up). She gave me the store's mobile number so it took a while before she could answer my texts. In fairness, I heard feedbacks from her two days after I went to the store, but still no progress regarding my account alignment. She even said that I no longer need to contact the hotline as she will be contacting me directly regarding my concern.


      Friday, I did not follow up. Giving her time to rest from my 'pangungulit'.


      Come Saturday, I went to Megamall store to personally follow up my account alignment but Ninia was not around (day off, maybe). The other representative told me that she would give my name and number to Ninia when she comes in.


      Starting to  get impatient, I contacted the hotline that same night. An agent named Norai assisted me with my concern. She also offered to monitor the progress with my concern. She escalated (again) my concern to the support team. She gave me a call back last Monday and was able to give me a ticket number and told me to monitor within 24-48 hours.


      Wednesday (January 15), I called up the hotline again since it's been freaking more than 48 hours and my sim card was not activated still. An agent named 'JM' assisted me, said the same things, offered call monitoring, escalation, call back etc. Come Thursday, there was no call from this JM.


      Just a few minutes ago, I called the hotline again asking for feedback. The agent I talked to, (I wasn't able to get her name) sounded like she didn't understand what I've been telling her. To more horror, still no progress with my account alignment!


      Wow, Globe! Is this how you value your loyal subscribers?


      How long does it take to align an account now that we have advanced technology???


      I have been a globe user since 2000 and have not changed networks since then.


      But with how you handle your subscribers' concerns, makes me think twice now.