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    super plan inquiry


      If iam a mysuper plan subscriber 499 or 999, and have to go abroad, can i bring the handset wid me. Does the plan works there, and if i cud transfer the sim(mysuperplan) to another device. Or cud i use international sim with the free handset provided by globe.

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          Hi @AJLim ... regarding your concerns:


          1. You can bring your handset abroad and you would be able to use it as a Globe roaming subscriber asuming that your subscription is already roaming capable (which most postpaid subscriptions are).


          2. Please note that if you are roaming, charges would be on top of your subscription cost. Many of the foreign carriers charge incoming calls aside from the usual outgoing calls and SMS. Globe would also charge have an addtional charge on these so if I were you, think twice before using your sim abroad... it could be very expensive.


          3. Unfortunately, almost all handsets provided by Globe are locked to Globe and if that's the case, then it would not be possible to use any other sim except for Globe.

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            You can bring your handset and sim for as long as the roaming services of your account is activated. You may call 211 or 027301000 to request for activation.

            Rates and charges outside the country will apply (roaming rates) and it depends about the country. Your plan will be only applicable here in Philippines if your under (Mysuperplan), all roaming charges will be on top to your bill. If ever that youre going to use international sim make sure that the device is not locked (GlobeLocked - you can only insert TM or GLOBE SIM)

            Roaming toll free hotline: +6327301212 .


            For more inquiries about rates / charges and Roaming Promo


            feel free to call +6327301212 thats tollfree een if you are in Hpilippines or Outside the country.