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    Peso Value and the new SGS4


      1. If I don't use my Peso Value for one month will it be carried over to the next month? if yes where can I see my accumulated Peso Value?


      I travel around the world and I am in Manila only about 2 to three days each month but I am still very loyal to Globe, I recently ordered an SGS4 which I will pick up in my next manila layover with 299 per month with a peso value of 500 pesos per month.


      If I don't use the Peso Value of 500 for example, from July 2013 to December 2013 (6 months) will they accumulate to 3000Php Peso Value?


      If yes, where can I see the accumulated Peso Value?


      2. Is Globe's SGS4 the Qualcomm Quad-core or the Exynos Octa-core?


      Thank you.

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          1. No, each month your PV will be refreshed and the extra PVs or unconsumed will not be carried over. If you avail Plan 299 with 500 PV, your maximum PV per month is 500.


          2. Globe currently offer S4 model I9505 LTE Variant which is the Quad Core