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    Post Paid Application Feedback so far

      Globe Telecom, I'm really disappointed on your Service. I applied last December 18, 2013 for a Post Paid Plan. And until now my application is pending for approval because of the verification. Someone call me in your support team using this no. 027392222 to inform me that they can't contact the nos. of my company to verify my financial capacity. The Support person verify my info and told me that I'll receive a notification in 2-3 Days if my application is approve or not. Pero nakalampas na ang 2-3 days still no updates yet, when I called your CS I was informed that the contact nos. I've provided cant be contacted and my application is still on verification process. I'm disappointed na di aligned yung details ko na nakuha ng CSR regarding my application. Why is it like this? I've already called 3 times on Globe CS. 3rd Time today and it seems the support team is not Prioritizing this verification para malaman ko if I'll be approve or not with my application. I'm patient with this Globe but you got to iron out your process. When you commit to your customers na i-Priority nyo yung follow up please do so. I hope to get feed back from you. Thanks. Regards, Edralin