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    Note 3 Recontracting/Loyalty


      Hello! I just want to ask how to know the status of the handset for delivery...


      My dad and I called the loyalty hotline about 2 weeks ago to avail of the free phones but we were interested in getting the Note 3 (for me to use) and were asked to recontract his old plan (P1,800) to BestEverPlan P1,799 with an additional cashout of P9,600


      So 2 weeks ago, after calling the loyalty hotline (730,****), the representative said that my dad had a remaining outstanding balance of P1,005 which was very unusual since my dad got his loyalty reward free phones for the past 6 years without this "outstanding balance problem". Anyway, we decided to pay this balance last January 9, 2014 and the next day, we called the hotline again to verify the payment. The representative said that it still did not reflect the billing and we had to wait for a text or call from them after the verification process. 2 days have passed and we still did not receive any call so we thought that maybe they forgot about us so we called the hotline once again about the status. A new representative have said that it already reflected his billing but with a different amount (P2000+). We did not mind this so we just simply talked about the recontracting offer for the Note 3. We asked for a White Note 3 to be reserved and the representative gave us our REFERENCE NUMBER for the handset to be picked up at a Globe Branch near us a week after the call which was January 21, 2014.


      We went to the branch this January 21, 2014 but unfortunately the unit is still not delivered.

      Is there anyway to track the status of the delivery of the handset? Can it mean that Globe forgot about our reservation for the Handset?


      BTW, my dad still haven't gone through the process of recontracting since the representative from the loyalty hotline said that we can wait for the unit to be delivered this January 21, 2014 then go through the process of recontracting to get the handset on the same day but still, the handset is not yet delivered.


      Thank you!