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    iPhone 5c plan 1349


      Hey guys! My mom is an existing member of globe. She applied for the plan 1349 for Iphone 5c. They asked for the requirements, mom gave them the requirements, they gave her an okay sign, and told her the phone will be delivered to our house (last Friday). No Globe personnel came to our house. So she followed up on that and upon speaking to a rep (different one from the first one she talked to) told her that she needs to pay 20k (cashout) to get the phone. But she argued that the previous Globe personnel told her that she could avail the iphone for 1349 (that was the agreement) and to be billed monthly and paid for 2years.. She told the rep to relay this issue to higher ups (or whoever). Mom even emailed the previous rep she talked to. 

      Can you please clarify this issue? Thanks. I think Globe needs to provide clear and precise guidelines on how to avail certain promos. Like before, I applied for a plan (blackberry) I think it was P600 something. But they asked for credit card. Why ask for a credit card when some people can pay the same plan in cash?