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    How to escalate bill issues?


      Globe put the phone cash out (4,800) back on my June 2013 bill even if I already paid for it when I renewed my contract on Dec 2012. I've been calling the hotline since late last year and they have been escalating or following the issue up with the billing group to remove the cash out. It has been more than a month and they have not gotten back to me with a solution. The customer service reps agree that the 4,800 was added incorrectly. I just need to get this removed so I can apply for re-contracting (another acct under my name).


      I'm pretty sure a lot of you have experienced waiting so long to get your issues resolved. Do you have any suggestions how we can escalate such issues and get it resolved immediately? TIA!

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          There is really something wrong with Globe's "upgraded" enhanced system specially with billing...


          Just now, I contested an item which appeared in my latest Statement of Account called "Adjustment - Previous Bill" with no explanation whatsoever where it came from.


          After talking to a Globe agent through the hotline and tracing where the mysterious item came from, I was told that there was no posted payment made 3 Statements back despite the fact that I had the Official Receipt and a posted payment made the following Statement.


          In other words, a payment was already received and recognized by the system, then after 2 billing statements all of a sudden did not recognize it therefore adding the amount to my latest bill.


          The agent was gracious enough to tell me that the charge would be reversed immediately and she apologized for what happened. 


          I've learned to be very vigilant of the charges in the bill which I hope every postpaid subscriber is doing most specially during these times.


          It makes me now wonder why these glitches which would compromise the integrity of the system  appear and what Globe does to those who do not have the time to check their bills. I know of many who are enrolled in autpayment facilities who neglect to question their bills simply because  it is convenient... poor them. 


          If the hotline is not enough to reverse or credit your payments (the "new" system authorizes then to make certain reversals immediately), I suggest that you write a formal letter to the billing and collection department and send it via registered mail or courier service to have proof of receipt which you should keep for your record as you would be needing it in the future as proof that you have formally sent them a demand to reverse the charges. This would be the legal way to do it in case the dispute is elevated to higher settlement venues (if not resolved by Globe then perhaps the DTI, NTC and even the courts).