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    Phone Warranty Period and Repair Time Length


      I just have a bit of a question/problem about the phone's (any phone for that matter) warranty period and repair ime length.


      You see, the phone I happen to get with my plan was in-need of repairs so I took it to the same GBC that gave the phone to me (that was last 10-01-2013). They said they would send it to the repair center and that I would wait twenty one (21) days to get the repair done.


      After 21 days I came back and they said the phone is still in the repair center. After 30 days I came back and still no phone, so every 30th period I would come back to check my phone's status. January 03, 2014 (89 days) I checked it again. They told me that the phone is still on "repairing" status and even showed me the list. I saw that on the list my GBC is all wrong because it said "La Union" when it should be "Olongapo" so I told them to inform the main so that the GBC of my phone would get fixed.


      On 01-13-2014 (11 days after I checked my phone) someone called me and he said the phone is already at the GBC problem is the GBC is in La Union, which means the GBC location of my phone did not get fixed. So I felt bad but told myself that maybe after a week the phone should get to the right GBC.


      On 01-21-2014 (7 days after GBC La Union got my phone) I checked on GBC Olongapo, they told me the phone has been repaired but it was sent to La Union (something I already know). I told them that before, I already informed them about the said Location mistake, but they just told me that no information was made known to them and that I should just wait for their call (again) to know if the phone is already there.


      So here is the gist on all of that:


      1. The claim slip clearly says "estimated pick-up date is 21 working days from date received" but I don't think the numbers are realistically estimated enough. I mean I have yet to read a post that says the received the phone after 21 working days. They should write something more accurate so that people would not expect and be disappointed. I mean I would rather see "45 working days" and get it after 50 days that see "21 working days" and get it after 50 days.


      2. Sometimes GBC employees do not act on what they hear from you. I mean I clearly told them the Location was all wrong and that should have been urgent infromation. I could save time and transportation expenses yet after 11 days, the information did not even reach the Local GBC file.


      3. About the warranty of my phone. They say its 1 Year. But if I compute now 89+11=100 days of repair time length. Not to mention 10 days and still counting on the time of delivery. That was clearly more than a quarter of the warranty period already. Should that be subtracted from the 1 Year warranty? I mean if the repair took 1 Year to repair, then the warranty time was just spent on them having the phone repaired. And what if after they returned the phone and it broke down again after a few days? The warranty is gone and so will my chances of getting it repaired (for free).


      Update: Got a text that my Phone was already at the correct GBC on 01-27-2014 and was able to get my phone on 01-28-2014. So the final computation would be 89 +11 + 13 = 113 days of repairs and misdelivered phone.

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          That, my dear, is our present sad state of cosumerism... while trying to appear efficient by giving time frames (whether 21 working days or feedback within 24 to 48 hours and all those standardized spiels), only proves the inefficiency through actual practice not because it cannot be acheived but only because of failure and negligence to be acted upon. 


          In all fairness, this does not apply to Globe alone but other service companies as well... they have not changed but their profits have improved a lot.

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              I know Sir @ChitoReyes it is very sad. But of course in everything there is a pioneer. What I would like to say is that Globe can be a Pioneer in being Honest instead of displaying fake efficiency.

              I mean it would be better if we are sticking to globe because we love their honesty rather than sticking to them just because they have great offers..
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                  i'm hoping my..

                  phone doesn't take..

                  that long to be returned..

                  i was promised i'd have it back..

                  in 5 weeks, and it has been 6 weeks...

                  since i gave it to them..


                  i checked at the GBC earlier..

                  and was told it usually takes 2 months..

                  for phone repairs since they send it to sg..

                  i'll go and check the claim stub again..

                  see if it has anything i can use..

                  when i follow-up again this week..

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                      Well nightwing as "Avatar Aang" said when they crossed the serpent's pass "ABANDON ALL HOPE"..


                      Even the usually 2 months is a tamed estimate because I think if I haven't been going there for follow-ups every time I'm free, I might as well wait for my contract to expire.


                      Sometimes the best way is to do regular follow-ups until the GBC employees already know you by face. (which happened to me.)

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                  Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures.


                  Globe Telecom provides a standard One Year Warranty for all Handset. For Repairs, it will greatly depend on the turn around time of Service Centers.


                  When I requested for a replacement for my BlackBerry 9900, it only took Greenbelt 4 Store less than one week to provide for the replacement.


                  If you know you deserve better service from this network, let them know by all means.

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                      WILLfindways I should appologize because I forgot one important thing about this, the location of the GBC in relation to the repair center. So the nearer they are from each other, I believe the faster the service will be.


                      I posted this because I believe that the repair time should not be included on the 1 Year since technically the unit is not in your care.


                      Sir/Madam, is the processing for replacement unit and unit for repair the same? Just asking,


                      Actually, its not that I deserve a better service but more like they should give what they promised.

                      Its like buying Halo-Halo but getting a Mais con Yelo instead.


                      We can all let them know as much as we like, but if don't hear us out (I mean really hear and act on it) then I believe letting them know will be a tad bit useless.


                      That said, I love Globe that is why I rebuke it, to make it better.


                      [Open rebuke is better than secret love]

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                      Hello Angel


                      The estimated turn around time for handset repair/replacement is 30-90 days, but may be longer depending on the defect found after technical inspection/diagnosis. Sharing these info indicated on the promo certificate or the contract which we sign upon handset release:


                      All GLOBE provided Gadgets have a one (1) year Manufacturer’s Warranty (“Warranty Period”). After the Warranty Period, Subscriber may still report damages to Globe but charges for repair and other associated costs will apply.


                      Terms and Conditions for BlackBerry® Handset:


                      1. For any BlackBerry® Handset defect, the Subscriber may submit to the Globe Store the said handset for BlackBerry®’s evaluation and assessment, together with the official receipt and a valid ID within the one (1) year Warranty Period from Subscriber’s date of purchase.


                      2. Cost of Repair and Labor Fee Charges for Out of Warranty Units and Defective Units due to non-factory defect will be on account of the Subscriber should repair be coursed through Globe Telecom.

                      Note: The accredited Repair Center of BlackBerry® is based in Hong Kong and in view of this; repair for BlackBerry® unit may take a maximum of seventy (70) days from date of receipt of the Globe Store.


                      Terms and Conditions for iPhone:


                      1. For any iPhone defect, the Subscriber may submit to the Globe Store the said iPhone for GLOBE and Apple’s validation, together with the official receipt and a VALID ID within the (1) year Warranty Period from Subscriber’s date of purchase. GLOBE does not repair any iPhone but replaces it instead, provided that it passed the validation.


                      2. Cost of Repair and Labor Fee Charges for Out of Warranty Units and Defective Units due to non-factory defect will be on personal account should repair be coursed through GLOBE.

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                          Thank you for those valuable information Jen.


                          If the estimated turn around time is 30-90 days, then why is it written as twenty one (21) days on the claim stub?


                          Anyway, the repair center for my phone is just in Manila (that is what they said) so I don't think the distance can account to the time spent.


                          Also Sixty (60) days after I gave them the phone, I asked about the phone's status and the assesment (what is wrong) of the phone. They told me it is still being assessed.


                          Maybe what I am disappointed about is the fact that the twenty one (21) days on their claim stub is a really bad estimate. More so if what you said that the estimated turn-around is supposed to be 30-90 days is true.