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    Gabay Halalan: Become a hero for our nation

      If you have four hours to spare for shopping, chatting and dating, are you willing to dedicate those four hours to make a difference to our nation's future this election season?


      Gabay Halalan 2013 invites you to be a volunteer from now until May 14 for just four hours.


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      Gabay Halalan 2013 is a line and SMS service that provides free, accessible, relevant, and unbiased information about the elections to voters wherever they are (including Overseas Absentee Voters). This also serves as an information hub, and communications and recruitment center for election watchdogs nationwide with the help of tele-educators who promote active citizenship through engagement in the electoral process.


      Globe supports Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB), the socio-political arm of the Society of Jesus in the Philippines for Gabay Halalan 2013. SLB has always been committed to the service of the Filipino church and the Filipino people through good governance in political education and formation, and disaster response


      Gabay Halalan and SLB are looking for Volunteer Tele-Educators for the 2013 elections. You too can be part of this!


      What will I do as a Volunteer?

      You will be responsible for answering incoming calls, read SMS questions, and respond to inquiries and questions of the caller; provide objective information on the candidates' profiles; give technical information on the automated election system, voting procedures; properly document feedback and/or incident reports from callers or verified sources; and log incoming calls and/or SMS details for documentation purposes.


      Do I need to volunteer for the whole day?

      It only takes a minimum of four (4) hours of your precious time to be a Volunteer. These four hours will surely go a long way in helping shape our nation's future. However, volunteering more than four hours is also possible.


      Will we be trained?

      Yes. There will be a short training/briefing prior to deployment.


      Where will the location be?

      The deployment of the Volunteers will be at the Gabay Halalan Call Center located in the Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.


      What are the time slots available?

      From May 1 to 5, time slots available are 9AM-1PM and 1PM-5PM;

      From May 6 to 11, time slots available are 8AM-12PM, 12PM-4PM, 4PM-8PM and 8PM-12AM (May 11 only);

      On May 12 to 14, time slots available are 12AM-4AM, 4AM-8AM, 8AM-12PM, 12PM-4PM, 4PM-8PM and 8PM-12AM.


      How many volunteers are needed per shift?

      Each time slot would need 40 volunteers, so invite your friends to volunteer with you! It will surely be a fun bonding session with them.


      How do I volunteer?

      Simply visit http://bit.ly/ivol_gh2013 and register an account to begin volunteering. There is no minimum number of events to participate in, so go ahead and spend your free time for this rare opportunity.


      If I have more questions about Gabay Halalan, who do I contact?

      You may contact SLB representative Fr. Xavier Alpasa, SJ at (02)4265968.


      If I am having a hard time using the website, where do I raise my concern?

      You can fill out the web form at http://ivolunteer.com.ph/contact-us or send an email to [email protected].


      How else can I participate in the coming elections?

      1. Vote wisely. Voting is not enough without being wise about it. Prepare and read about the candidates you're voting for in order to know if they're the right people for the position.

      2. Encourage your family and friends to vote. Use social media or SMS to reach out to your loved ones.

      3. Be on the look out for signal jammers that may affect the transmission of ballots. The Philippine National Police advises the public to report signal jammers by sending "SAFE FEEDBACK <message>" to 09178475757.

      4. Watch out for news and important announcements that you can help share with those close to you, so they too can be informed properly.


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      Will you vote this coming May 13, 2013?

      Share your thoughts about the upcoming elections by replying to this thread.