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    sim slots both locked for a dual sim phone

      hi there. this is my 2nd postpaid line with globe. i recently acquired a samsung galaxy win (grand quattro) duos. upon getting the unit, i was informed that BOTH sim slots are locked to globe or TM. i actually have no problem about that but i'd just like to say that, my apologies, THIS SUCKED. it would have helped if slot 2 was open for non-Globe. so, i DMed @talk2globe and the techspec replied that slot 2 is open for other networks. so i tried inserting my PLDT landline sim. sadly, it asked for a network password. so i DMed back to globe about this. the next response surprised me because it said that i should check this out with the globe store where i got it because SIM SLOT 2 SHOULD BE OPEN TO NON-GLOBE SIM CARDS. so what's the deal here? there's inconsistency among stores on what units they release? and another l, why release dual sim phones if both are for globe/tm only? it defeats the purpose. #justsaying