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    Incorrect IPCP Configuration


      I got this error on my modem.


      >intermittent po yung connection, naka lit naman po yung ADSL (steady) and yung Internet na light indicator sa modem. 


      Based sa ping nag ta-time out yung connection for like 10-20 seconds and then ok na naman ulit. tapos after 10-15 minutes or so nag ta-time out na naman ulit again I would like to stress na steady po yung ADSL light 


      SNR is 31 for download and 15 for upload (very healthy)

      Line attenuation is 31 and 18 respectively. (very healthy)


      this happened just this week after like 4 days na walang dialtone at internet. pag balik ito na ang problema..


      as for the speed walang problema. If i'm connected kuha ko naman yung sinubscribe ko na plan.. it's just that

      palagi nalang nag tatime out every now and then..


      Pa help sa may idea kung pano ma solve.