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    Slower Download Speed on a Tethered Device


      I have an Android LTE smartphone under unlisurf plan. I wanted to tether my laptop for downloading a small program about 20mb. My place also has a WiFi router with a relative speep of 2mbps.


      Now, I noticed that I am getting faster download speed when connected to that router compared to being tethered to my phone. I am expecting at least 12mbps or more since it's connected to the same 4G signal, right?

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          Hi! I’d be glad to assist you. J if you happen to tether/share your mobile internet connection on laptops, desktop computer, chances are you’ll be experiencing slower speeds most especially if you’re are downloading large files. It is better to use a pocket wifi if you want to share your internet connection with your gadgets (laptop, desktop computer) . Good luck! :smileyhappy: