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    2 accnt numbers in one mobile number


      I hope globe can enlighten and act on my complaint for the nth time.

      1st problem, I got 4 postpaid plans with globe. One came to an end of contract and I asked globe to terminate it but unfortunately they cut the wrong mobile number, instead of my 1717 mobile, they cut my 1617 mobile. They asked me to go to the nearest store for reconnection so that I wont be charged by reconnection fee.


      2nd problem(wit my 1617 mobile), august 2013 when I checked my balance thru 143, they gave me a large amount (around 18k, my credit limit is 2500). I also noticed that the accnt number displayed was the accnt number of my supposedly terminated 1717 mobile number.


      I immidiately call globe to report it. Despite the mixed up, I continously pay my dues with the original accnt number of my 1617 mobile.


      The agent said that she will file a report.

      Sept. I again called up because nothing happened. 

      Ive talked to 5 diff. Agents and nothing happened until my bill blew up to 32k. 


      Around 2nd week of january globe even cut my 1617 line because of this.

      Again, I called the hotline angrily. The mixed up is not my fault, I am paying my dues!

      After talking, my line was back but the balance is still 32k.


      Last week I went to globe to ask for another line(globe megamall) the agent told me that they cnt grant my request I still have a balance to settle. WHAT AN EMBARASSMENT!


      is there a lawyer in this forum who can help me with my problems? This is not the first time that globe gave me serious problems.