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    Mobile Data problem note 3




      I just received my phone yesterday and nagamit ko na din yung mobile data.

      My plan is unlimited call and text and unlimited data plan. My main concern is that the data/internet signal seems not consistent. I have friends here in my area where they get 4g signals. I can't even use the internet. What seems to be the problem here?



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          Have you checked the settings sir @berting01 ?

          Please use the APN settings Myglobe internet with the apn internet.globe.com.ph for much better internet connectivity.

          You can refresh as well the network connection by going to settings> more network > Mobile network >network operators > select manual then reselect globe.

          Please provide us some feedback if this resolves your issue..

          Thanks. :smileyhappy:
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              @Carpe Diem 


              Seems like the problem is when the network mode is set to LTE. I changed it to wcdma and it is now working fine. 

              I think my sim is not yet activeted for LTE but it is indicated in the sim card that it is LTE ready. 

              I might find answer from globe thanks!