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    Iphone5s on Plan999, want to change to plan1799 but still under locked-up


      Got Iphone5s with plan999 3 months ago, didn't bother looking at 2 previous bill, and I admit im not familiar with words being used upon talking with Globe agent on Globe center during the time i applied. Plan1799 sounds really familiar because thats i usually heard from cousins&sisters. All im more concern was "i want unli surf". I wont take all the blame, my point is the agents should give me options with plan1799. Upon reviewing my 3rd bill, had P1,000+ usage which made me pay 2,900+ on my 3rd bill. Thats where i see the flaws and understand the plan i had.


      Iphone 5s           Plan 999

           plus Iphone Unit   800 (19,200/24mos)




      Plan999 has 1,700 peso value

                          less 999  unli surf

                          less 600  iphone unit

                          less 101 consumable (thats the reason i had always excess on usage due to very small consumable amount)


      Iphone 5s  on Plan 1,799

               Iphone Unit    FREE (free with plan1799)




      Plan 1799 has 3,200 peso value

                         less      999 unli surf

                         less    1,100 iphone unit

                         less    1,101 consumable (WOW, thats a big amount to be use on calls/text)


      Why aren't they ab;e to explain this option well to me during those time? And now, thay said i can't change my plan because thats the contract i signed. Is there any other option? i don't consider paying the remaining balance of my unit which is 21 months remaining to be able to change the plan. What else are other options? Please help

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          Hi @doreen i wonder bakit hindi ni-offer sau yung Plan 1799 kasi mas prefer ni Globe yun, or Plan 999 lang talaga natanong mo? Regarding sa breakdown mo, iPhone 5s has cashout for Plan 1799 kahit 30 months lock up sya.


          Downgrade or upgrade as long as nasa contract ka pa, may corresponding fees at computation sya, kasi parang lalabas early recontracting. Yung early recontracting or new line lang ang alam ko na way para makapag 1799 ka, 


          To give you an idea in 24 months:

          Plan 1799: 1799*24+ 9600 cashout 16gb =  52, 776

          Plan 999 plus 800 per month: 1799*24 = 43,176

           So lalabas na 9600 more ang binayaran ni Plan 1799, tapo kung every month lalagpas ka ng 400 sa bill mo at Plan 999, magiging 52,776 total babayaran mo sa Globe for 24mos whic is pareho na kay 1799.


          What if lalagpas ka sa Plan mo like 1000 per month: (Plan 999+ 800+ 1000)*24 = 67, 176

          What if lalagpas ka sa Plan 1799 ng 200 per month: ( Plan 1799+200)*24+ 9600 = 57,576

          Pero what if naka Plan 1799 ka tapos 1400 lang nacoconsume mo per month: (Plan 1799-400)*24+9600= 43,176


          Ayan, pipili ka na lang alin mas matimbang sayo, yung oks lang magbayad ng sobra sa Plan mo which is ginamit mo na service or yung magbabayad ka ng sobra eh hindi naman umabot dun naconsume mong service ni Globe? 


          Baka kasi this time lang mataas yung bill mo tapos later on bababa na, lalo na kung yung mga friends at family mo eh naka unlisurf, may unli call at text ka na nun without spending more using mga messaging apps.


          Wala lang gusto ko lang magcompute ^_^