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    Tattoo Superstick Postpaid Fair Usage Policy


      Hi all. I created this thread so Tattoo Superstick users can discuss their concerns re: the newly implemented fair usage policy by globe. Feel free to share your experience as a Tattoo Superstick  Postpaid user with regards to the FUP.


      As for my case: I started experiencing the throttling last Saturday, January 25. My actual download speed dropped from 520kbps to 5-10kbps. This happened in the morning and connection was hellish for the rest of the day. I'm a software engineer, I only get to use the tattoo superstick during weekends and during days when I work from home. I decided to get a Tattoo Superstick subscription because DSL is not yet available in our area, and we all know how bad WiMax is.


      My work involves a lot of push/pull from different repositories, meaning, it is data/bandwidth intensive.  It's not as intensive as requiring more than 1GB worth of downloads/uploads a day but there are some days when I require more than 1GB worth of data.


      I availed of the speed boost up to 21mbps and my MSF gets an additional 250 (or 300?) for that.


      As far as my opinion is concerned, Globe shouldn't have imposed such an unreasonable data cap for Tattoo Superstick Postpaid subscription. This plan does not come with a mobile phone; the only thing we get from here is the pocket wifi and the internet service. Unlike normal postpaid subscriptions, the connection is not confined within a single device. Tattoo Supersticks are meant to provide connection for up to 10 devices.


      If Globe really put a lot of thinking before implementing this, they should know that Tattoo Supersticks (both postpaid and prepaid) are used in a wide range of devices: desktops,  laptops,  tablets, and mobile phones. Resources downloaded to a device vary and depend on the device's size. Resources downloaded on smartphones are of small sizes, others are minified. When a Tattoo Supertick connection is used on a desktop, the resources loaded of considerably higher file sizes.


      Clearly, these things are not being considered in this FUP implementation.

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          Yes. I agree. The Tattoo Supersticks should be excempt from the FUP because they are intended as replacements for Internet use.on laptops which eats more bandwidth than a mobile phone. A colleague sending a particularly large file through Dropbox would suddenly eat up your data bandwidth with no warning on your end.

          In other countries like the UK, Internet sticks are covered in a different FUP. A more reasonable FUP considering laptop usage should be made for Tattoo subscribers.
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            Tama, at kaya nga tattoo stick ang kiniha eh,
            Unfair pa din kahit sa mobile user.

            Globe says they are being transparent, hindi nyo iniisip ang customer nyo, kasi kung iniisip nyo kami, instead na lagyan ng cap, mas iimprove nyo pa ang services nyo para maka accomodate ng mas madaming customer. Hindi to parang jeep na sampuan pero 20 ang nakasakay. At upong 4pesos ang 9 na pasahe mo.b