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    Need information about my DSL data only plan 999


      Hello Everyone,


              My question is quite difficult to state so let me start saying a breif story with regards to my situation. I also would like to define Plan A (internet only plan  999 under my name) Plan B (internet only plan 999 under my cousin's name)


              I am in cebu last year (2013) and I have Plan A isntalled in my room. Now this year I decided to stay in mindanao for about a year. So I wanted to transfer my connection into our house. 


             But wait I know relocation is possible but that is not really my concern.


              In our house, here in midanao. We had Plan B, so basically both plans are on going. My concern we are under two separate plan, and I wanted to cut Plan B and continue Plan A.


               I removed the modem of Plan B and replace it with the modem of Plan A and found out that it still works.


               My question is, if I will go and talk to globe to cut Plan B, will still Plan A be working??  Or in other words, pwede bang gamitin ko ang wiring ng Plan B gamit para sa modem ng Plan A?


                I hope I have made my question clear enough and I am looking forward of hearing from you soon.


      Best Regards,