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    International roaming


      Hi all,


      I have a Globe pre-paid SIM which I use when I visit the Philippines, I have roaming activated and I keep it topped-up in order to keep the account active. The phone receives and sends occasional text messages from anf to my friends over there, but I use it very little outside of the country.


      I received a message this evening telling me that an incoming call could not be taken:




      I know I have credit, I have about 470PHP. Whilst I don't use the phone very much whilst I'm not in the Philippines, I do need it to be able to make and recieve calls in emergencies, that's why I keep a reasonably high amount of call credit there.


      After getting the failed incoming call, I did some testing:

      • Using this Globe phone to call my +358 number - call could not complete (the call did actually connect to an exchange on the Finnish network, and a message in both Finnish and English told me that the call could not be connected.
      • Using this Globe phone to call another +63 number - call could not complete. On this occasion, the phone flashed up a message that the failed connection was related to call barring settings. I have never set up a call barring service with Globe
      • Using my +358 number to call this Globe number - call connected OK.


      So, where do I go from here to get my phone service working as it should?


      I'm assuming that the number that failed to contact me is another Philippines number because the number is only known to my Philippine contacts, my contacts here in Europe always use my +358 and +44 numbers. I have a suggestion - it's useful that you send a message telling me a call failed to get through, but why not also tell me the number so I know who is trying to reach me?

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          Just a suggestion. If you have time, please try also contact Globe via twitter (@talk2GLOBE) or chat with their agent at http://chat.globe.com.ph/ or fill-up this form (http://www.globe.com.ph/talk2globenow)

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              Globe customer services were not the best experience. After a long chat they are going to investigate deeper and get back to me, or rather get back to one of my Philippine contacts - guess they don't like calling abroad!


              They asked at one point: "How about refresh your phone by pulling out the battery and SIM while it is turned on?" - this is a nonsense step. Taking the battery out of a phone is only a valid troubleshooting step if the phone freezes, crashes or becomes by any similar means unresponsive. If the problem can be solved by restarting the phone, switching on and off would do the trick. Removing the SIM likewise doesn't refresh any settings. When the SIM is re-inserted the phone will read information from it like access point details, SMS centre number,  voicemail service number etc. but it doesn't affect any settings.


              When I repeated the bit about the "call barring" message, the agent told me that "call barring is a phone feature". No, it's not, the agent confused call barring with call filtering. Call barring is a network service which allows certain types of call to be prevented, such as all incoming or outgoing calls, incoming or outgoing international calls, incoming calls from service numbers, incoming or outgoing mobile calls et cetera and requires a call barring password issued by the network. Call filtering (sometimes called call blocking or black-listing) is a feature of some phones (or could be achieved via an app) which allows calls and/or messages from specific numbers. I really would expect the tech support of a major network like Globe to know these things.


              I really need to get into the habit of letting the support crews of various mobile networks that I have a great deal of professional experience in the field of mobile comms, that might put them on their guard and improve the service levels a bit!

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              First off, I don't know if what I am about to post will help you or not, but on an off chance that it will, I will be glad to type it here. Anyway I am not from Globe but a fellow subscriber.



              I am from the Philippines and my mom who is abroad carries a Globe SIM (roaming is activated) with her. In my experience, calling that number is impossible although she is able to receive my texts. By the way, my mom is in Saudi Arabia so that rule (that call is automatically barred in a roaming SIM) may not be applicable to you.


              Anyway, may I ask if you were able to receive calls (from the Philippines through your Roaming Globe SIM) in the past?


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                  Thanks for the suggestion Angel.


                  Curiously, I can call it from my Finnish number with no problems, but not with another Globe SIM (my spare Globe SIM was part of a special roaming package that I picked up at the airport. I will have to ask one of my friends still in the Philippines to give both numbers a try.

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                      Your welcome sir. I hope you get your problem solved.

                      Maybe it would be better if you just give them your Finnish# for calling purposes (if the Globe Roaming really has a default call barring function) and just text on the Roamed Globe#.


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                      Have a blessed day.