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    Mobile Data


      Hi there, I just need your help. I cannot connect sa Mobile Data, unlimited internet ung plan ko. I already try na ung mga troubleshooting like turn off and on the phone. And I already remove my sim card and battery. Tumawag na ko sa 211 Customer service and same lang ng troubleshooting ung sinasabi nila na ngawa ko na.

      please help me. thanks.

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          Please set the correct APN setting for your phone,


          For Prepaid/TM subscribers, use:



          For Postpaid subscribers, use:


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            Hi ramssel since you did not specify your handset model, you may follow this steps whichever is applicable for you.



            If handset is Android OS

            Go to: Settings

                      More Settings

                      Mobile Network

                      Tick Use packet data (or data services/data connection depending on what brand of handset it is)

                      Select Access Point Name

                      Correct APN should be internet.globe.com.ph


            If your handset is iOS

            Go to:  Settings


                       Slide Cellular Data (to enable)

                       Slide Enable 3G/LTE (to enable)

                       Cellular Data Network

                       Correct APN should be internet.globe.com.ph



            If your handset is BB OS 10 (either Q10 or Z10)

            Go to:     Settings

                          Network Connections

                          Mobile Network

                          Enable Data Services

                          Select APN and enter the correct APN internet.globe.com.ph


            For other inquiries, you may visit http://www.globe.com.ph/help/guide


            Hope it answers your query

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              If in case that the settings is already correct. Is there any signal for data that is appearing on your device ? then if none. Try to insert your sim to other device as well as try another Globe sim on your device just to isolate your problem.

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                depende din po yan sa location, kung mahina po talaga 3G sa place mo pahirapan po talaga makaconnect. Try mo po magbrowse sa ibang location then if ok yung connection, sa location mo po ang may prob.