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    Applying postpaid plan from overseas


      Hello, I hope someone could answer my queries.


      My husband and I live overseas.  I would like to apply for two postpaid plans for my elderly parents.  I would like the account to be under my name as I am the one who will pay for the bills.  I would like the post paid plan to be all-in: unlimited calls and text to all networks and unlimited (or a huge data plan) mobile data (4g would be good too).  Free phones could be a nice incentive.


      Basically I want to spare my parents the hassle of going to the store and paying for bills etc and dealing with the accounts and just let them enjoy the benefits of calling/texting/surfing to their hearts' content.


      I would like to ask if there someone has been able to apply for a post paid plan from overseas.  What sort of documents does Globe require for the new postpaid application for overseas applicants?  Could they send the bill online and let us pay the bills online?  Is the online experience with Globe good enough?


      Is a prepaid account the better option for us overseas Filipinos?


      Thanks in advance to all who will reply.